Kno Adds 3D Content, Embedded Videos to its Textbook App

The digital textbook developer Kno had just added support for a couple clever new interactive features to the robust line-up of over 60 interactive features such as highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking, Quiz Me, and Journal features currently available in its iOS app.

You can see the first feature in the video embedded above. Students will now have the option of clicking on almost any image (such as a molecule in a chemistry textbook) and the app will convert that image into a 3D model. This is going to help them learn by showing all the ways to view a complex object, not just the one 2D view.

The other new feature is one that digital textbooks have needed for the longest time now. The Kno app now has a new menu that you can view inside each textbook. In that menu you’ll find a list of instructional videos that are related to the topics in the book. The videos aren’t embedded in the textbook; they’re on Youtube and that means you’ll need a live web connection in order to view them. Right now, Kno is only linking to videos from the Khan Academy, a non-profit institution that licenses all its content under Creative Commons. Kno plans to add more sources of videos in the future.