Klout Now Measures Your Facebook Influence

As of yesterday, Klout, the app that measures "your overall online influence", can be used to asses your Facebook influence.

As of yesterday, Klout -the app that measures “your overall online influence”- can be used to assess your Facebook influence. This means that if you use Facebook as a promotional or marketing tool (or if you are one of those curious bees that want know how popular you actually are among your friends), you can now tangibly see how the content you put out there generates further discussion and/or engagement. Sounds amusing, doesn’t it?

But how does the app actually measure your online “influence”? In the case of Facebook, Klout will measure your “achievements” by scoring Comments, Likes, Unique Commenters, and Unique Likers inspired by the content you have posted. One of the most interesting features to me is that Klout takes into account not only the actual impact of the content you put out there, but also the likelihood that it will inspire people to engage in conversation at all (for those who are interested, more details about this feature can be found here).

Your Facebook info is then incorporated into your overall Klout Score, which includes any other websites you use (it seems that, for now at least, Klout is not an app you can just add to your Facebook profile; rather, your Facebook data is incorporated to your Klout account).

For now, however, it seems as though Klout will not analyze any Facebook Pages or Groups. That means that if you are an admin on your company’s Facebook page, you will not be able to show your employers or clients an accurate report of that page’s impact, or even include this data into your personal score. One can only assume that this feature is forthcoming.

What do you (or would you) use your Facebook Klout Score for? Do you think it has the potential to become a social tool for people to use as “entertainment”?