Klores Scores Today Show for Beach Tennis

(Meredith Vieira vs Ann Curry in Beach Tennis)

After just over a month as agency of record, Dan Klores Communications (DKC) has aced some media coverage for Beach Tennis USA.

This morning, the outdoor set of the Today Show was covered with sand for a demonstration of the new hybrid sport–doubles tennis on the sand with no bounces, explained founder Marc Altheim. Altheim is convinced the “addictive” sport could make it to the Olympics one day.

According to Klores VP Dayna Diamond when asked about Curry v Vieira and their respectable skills in the sand:

“as the founder would say, ‘it’s easy to play, but difficult to
master.’ Meredith Vieira couldn’t get enough of it really…she stayed
on the court for 10 minutes after the segment concluded and even came back for more during a commercial break. She said ‘it’s incredible
workout and so much fun.'”

Also the handiwork of DKC, on July 10th, Beach Tennis USA players were featured in the Style section of the Times, reviewing very important pieces of equipment: coolers.