Klondike: The Lost Expedition Updated for Thanksgiving

KlondikeVizor Interactive has launched a new Thanksgiving content update in Klondike: The Lost Expedition on Facebook. The game now includes a (temporary) Wild Garden location, and challenges players to fill a Cornucopia with “fruits of Autumn,” which are harvested from the trees in this land. This Cornucopia is a special Thanksgiving building for players’ villages, which can be upgraded depending on the amount of fruit players collect.

During this event, players can travel to the Wild Garden location using a Kerosene Lamp, which can be created in the Barn using Wire and Strawberries. A timer begins as players make their first visit to the area, giving them 14 days to clear the entire area. To be clear, this means that players may have access to the Wild Garden at different times on the calendar, but all players will only have 14 days in total to explore the area. The last day players can make their first trip to the Wild Garden (and thus trigger the 14 day timer) is December 14.

If players can clear the entire Wild Garden, they receive an in-game achievement and a special reward. While the garden is filled with secondary items like stones and bushes, players are ultimately searching for the 105 apple and pear trees scattered throughout the land.

As players collect pears and apples, they can use these inside the Cornucopia to receive gifts. The more they collect, the better the gifts they receive. The Cornucopia is available to purchase in the market for 250,000 coins, and has multiple construction stages, relating to the number of fruits within it (10, 50, 100, and 200 “fruits of Autumn” each).

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is available to play for free on Facebook. The game sees players building a life for themselves on the wild frontier by raising animals, constructing buildings, clearing debris and traveling to new locations to find resources.