Kissmetrics Launches Product Planner

Looking to chart out the user flows for your application prior to developing it? Want to see how other successful applications are driving new user installs? Kissmetrics’ new “Product Planner” tool lets you plan out more effective user flows that will hopefully result in driving users to your application. There is also a useful charting tool which helps you plan out how a user will interact with your application or site using over 30 “flow steps”.

Flow steps are everything from “Web – User asked to verify email” to “Facebook – User invites friends”. While the appears to be limited to the number of flow steps available currently, I could see this being extremely useful especially when combined with actual metrics. In between each step there could be conversion rates to determine the fall-off of users as they navigate through your application or website.

The service also enables users to save their user flow diagrams as well as embed them on other sites. While I’m currently having some issues with embedding the diagrams, it definitely could be extremely useful especially for internal product planning or case studies. The site currently includes a gallery of the user flow for other successful applications including “Who Has the Biggest Brain”, “Mob Wars”, and Texas HoldEm Poker.

I’m not sure if Kissmetrics is preparing an analytics package comparable to Sometrics or kontagent, but the company continues to have a heavy focus on metrics related to social applications. If you are looking for a useful tool to track user flows, definitely check out Product Planner.