Kingston Has a 120GB USB Thumb Flash Drive For You… At a Price… At a High Price

Do you have a lot of large files (gigabytes per file) that you’d like to carry around without resorting to portable hard drives or, gasp, digital tapes? Would a 120GB USB thumb flash drive do the job for you? If so, Kingtson Technology may have the answer for you…

Kingston Technology First to Market with 128GB USB Flash Drive

…at a price… a relatively high price. Their DataTraveler 200 128GB thumb drive has a retail price of $546. Kingston also has a 64GB model for $213 and 32GB for $120. I see the older DataTraveler 100 32GB flash drive for under $80 and DT150 64MB version for $140 in Amazon. So, you may want to shop around and check specifications if you are in the market for a “smaller” USB thumb drive in the 32 to 64GB size.

The really amusing aspect of this is, of course, that in four or five years, we’ll wonder how we got anything done with tiny “little” 64GB flash drives.