King's Collage: Another Facebook Friend Visualization

Kings Collage IconJust when you thought you had seen all the friend visualizations that there are to see, another comes along and puts just a slight twist on things. King’s Collage provides you with five different collage variations: the traditional friend collage (similar to the friends grid and my entourage applications), a sun, a start, a heart and an arrow. Not very creative shapes but definitely different. Since the application launched just a couple of days ago, it has added almost 10,000 users. Not bad for an application that doesn’t provide an extremely unique offering.

Honestly, Facebook needs to come up with a way for grouping similar applications together. Rather than having users browse through countless duplicate applications, it would be much more useful to view a list of completely unique applications. There are now over 6,600 applications on Facebook and there is no way that most people are going to browse through all of them. Enough of my bickering!

The King’s Collage application provides a slight twist to an already successful Facebook application model. It has gone viral by forcing users to invite their friends if they wish to use other visualizations aside from the classic one. While I refrained from spamming my friends in order to unlock other visualizations, hundreds of other people have chosen to participate in the fun. If you want to spam your friends in order to get semi-unique looking visualizations, go grab the King’s Collage application.