Master Your Martial Arts Skills With King Of Kungfu

Grab your sword, equip your pet, and jump into the arena for some fully animated matches against fellow kungfu masters in Koramgame’s King of Kungfu Facebook app. The game involves creating a brightly-colored, anime-style avatar whose goal is to battle other players for honor, gold, and experience, leveling up and gaining skills in order to become the King of Kungfu in the daily tournaments. Koramgame does a good job of incorporating an element of chance and luck into the player versus player battles, so that even a level ten player challenging a level fifteen or twenty isn’t counted out until the final blow.

The good

King of Kungfu has a variety of elements that keeps players checking in every day, but it remains casual and not overly time-consuming. Beginning at your dojo, you can check out your weapons stock and your skills, equip the pets you want fighting by your side, and read any of the latest activity. You can also grab bonuses, like daily experience. The shop is available for anyone with enough honor points to purchase weapons upgrades, new skills, pets, or change outfits. Then, it’s onto the arena for some battles. You start each day with a maximum of six battles, and you can gain more after resting in a friend’s dojo. After using up your battles, you can do a maximum of two daily quests and register for the King of Kungfu Cup. All-in-all, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes a day to complete the daily activities, which makes this a condensed, engaging experience.

The battles themselves are the highlight of this game. Once you choose your opponent, you can watch a beautifully animated battle, fully fleshed out with special moves like Bull Rush, unique pet attacks, and critical hits that decimate your opponent’s health bar and disarm their weapon. When your character is victorious, you’ll be treated to a speech bubble that boldly proclaims, “Envy my power, you whimp!” or “Burn, my vein!” – catch phrases that might’ve lost a little something in translation, but the tough-guy sentiment remains.

The bad

Upgrading and gaining new skills can be difficult, especially as you get into the higher levels. Koramgame has incorporated a Gold/Honor points system, with Gold being purchased virtual currency and Honor being earned by doing quests and winning tournaments in-game. Earning Honor points is time-consuming, as players can earn about six to ten per day, on average, and most skills and weapons upgrades in the shop cost between fifty to two hundred points. This means it can take several weeks to save up for that premium Dragon Wave skill or the coveted gold trident. To purchase a two hundred Gold item costs 20 USD, which is out of the price-range for most players expecting their virtual currency dollars to stretch a little further than a single item.

The verdict

This is a simple, fun game for anyone looking for a few minutes a day of role playing as a kungfu master. It has a nice interface, great graphics, and a unique battle system that incorporates luck into your character’s skills and weapons. Although it can be tough to gain Honor or Gold to purchase items, this doesn’t impede the main gameplay. All-in-all, this is an enjoyable game that has the potential for further social elements that is great for the casual player.

You can play King of Kungfu here.