breaking into match-3 genre with Candy Crush Saga on Facebook brings its popular “Saga” series to the match-3 genre today on Facebook with Candy Crush Saga.

The game is based on Candy Crush, available on’s web portal. Players are tasked with helping Mr. Toffee and his daughter, Tiffi, travel through 65 levels in a Candyland-like world, solving candy-themed match-3 puzzles and acquiring items for candy recipes. The game monetizes similar to the other Saga games, with extra lives and gameplay-boosting charms and powerups available for Facebook Credits.

Candy Crush Saga will eventually be playable via open web, Facebook, and mobile devices;  somewhat like did with the match-3 game Miner Speed. Unlike Miner Speed, Candy Crush Saga won’t offer crossover experiences: CMO Alex Dale tells us the Facebook and open web versions play significantly different from each other. Dale also tells us the various Saga games will be launching for mobile devices in the near future, coming to as many platforms as possible. The titles are expected to launch for iOS and Android devices, but CEO Riccardo Zacconi recently showed us Bubble Witch Saga on the Kindle Fire, too.

Clarification: Bubble Witch Saga on the Kindle was a prototype version and is not currently available.

“On our portal, you’ll typically have a couple of levels of gameplay where you play head-to-head in a match or a tournament. The excitement is very much driven by the direct competitive challenge,” Dale says. “On Facebook, it’s a much more a relaxing experience about progressing through the game with your friends, and the mobile version will be ‘snackable’ so it can be played whenever someone has a free moment.”

Candy Crush Saga marks the sixth Saga game for,  after Hoop De Loop Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, Mahjong SagaBubble Saga and Puzzle Saga. Bubble Witch Saga is currently the most popular of these titles on Facebook, holding the No. 6 spot for daily active users. Between the launch of Puzzle Saga in October 2010 and Bubble Witch Saga a year later,’s Facebook traffic has rocketed the company to the No. 3 games developer in terms of DAU. Both Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Saga maintain positions on our Top 25 Facebook Games list for the month. The latest game in the series, Hoop De Loop Saga, is also rapidly acquiring DAU, so it may show up on next month’s rankings.