Kindle vs. iPad Ad Gets it Right. One More Thing: It Might be Better for Your Sleep Too

Video courtesy of kindle

I often roll my eyes up and sigh after seeing some misleading Brand X vs. Y comparsion advertisement. However, as the owner of both an iPad and the new WiFi-only Kindle 3, I think Amazon’s Kindle video captures the visibility difference just as it is in real life. The Kindle 3 is easier to read than the iPad (running the Kindle app) under many lighting conditions, not just direct sunlight.

The iPad has other reading advantages, of course. You can read it in the dark (say while flying in a plane at night), it can present color on ebook pages, and it works with Amazon’s relatively new multimedia books with embedded audio and video.

There is one possible advantage the Kindle has over the iPad that wasn’t noted in the commercial. There is the possibility that exposure to light shining in your eyes may make it difficult for you to fall asleep. It may be that the Kindle’s reflective screen, which does not emit light, may be better as a reading source before bedtime.

Trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s your iPad

Via CrunchGear: Video: New Amazon Kindle Ad Shows How Impossible It Is To Read The iPad In Direct Sunlight