Kindle Cloud Reader for the Desktop and iPad: All You Need is a Browser

Amazon and other ebook reader app providers recently had to modify their iPad apps to comply with Apple’s policy for not allowing links that lead to the purchase of content from outside of the in-app purchase mechanism. Amazon just made available a new service that could eventually lead to working completely around Apple’s policies. Amazon’s new cloud based web ebook reading service works with desktop browsers (Chrome and Safari) as well as the iPad’s Safari mobile browser.

Kindle Cloud Reader

Here’s how it works:
1. Point Safari mobile at
2. Sign-in to your Amazon account
3. Increase the browser’s database size when prompted
4. Add a shortcut to the web app on the iPad’s home screen
5. Select and read any of the ebooks you’ve already purchased

The Kindle Cloud Reader can hold the contents off the ebook locally so that it can be read even when offline. The web app’s page turning felt fast and smooth when I tried it. However, accessing the controls hidden controls did not feel comfortable to me. The web app does not support multimedia books with audio content. The web app is also iPad specific. Amazon advises iPhone users to use the native Kindle app.

Via TechCrunch: Amazon’s Answer To Apple’s Terms: A Web-Based Kindle Cloud Reader — Brilliant On PC, Better On iPad

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