Kim DotCom Claims Twitter Infringed On Patent, But Will Accept ‘Blue Tick’ As Payment

Twitter rolled out two-step verification yesterday to the delight of those worried about being hacked – and to the annoyance of one of the lords of the Internet, Kim Dotcom.

You see, sir Dotcom claims to have patented this process many years ago – and it seems he has proof.

But don’t worry Twitter (and Google and anyone else authenticating logons this way), all the man wants is a little help with his legal fees and to have his account verified by Twitter!

So yesterday, Kim Dotcom sent out the following tweets:

Sounds like he might be thinking of suing a few people.

Is it just an idle threat? Who knows. But, as The Verge points out, “Dotcom’s patent — filed under his birth name, Kim Schmitz — appears to hold some water. It claims priority back to 1997, which would make it difficult to invalidate, and has wide coverage. Despite its age, it illustrates the current concept of two-step authentication by detailing how a secondary access code could be sent via pager or SMS.”

Right now, he’s willing to settle for a little help with his legal fees:

And a blue tick next to his name. But act fast, Twitter – this offer is good for one day only!

Even if you’re not a fan of his strong-arm tactics, how in the name of humanity is Kim Dotcom NOT verified? Come on. 

Just goes to show the verification chances for the rest of us!

(Image from Shutterstock)