The Fine Brothers On Their Hit YouTube Series ‘Kids React To Viral Videos’ [Interview]

Back in October the popular YouTube duo The Fine Brothers launched a fun YouTube series called 'Kids React to Viral Videos!'. Benny and Rafi Fine talk about their series after the jump.

Back in October the popular YouTube duo The Fine Brothers launched a fun YouTube series called ‘Kids React to Viral Videos!’, in which kids watch and respond to popular YouTube videos. The series, which just released its third episode, has racked up over 1 million views in the first two months. I had the opportunity to ask Benny and Rafi Fine a couple of questions about the series. Read on to check out the first few episodes and find out what the brothers had to say.

Before I get into Benny and Rafi’s responses to my questions, check out the first episode of ‘Kids React To Viral Videos’ to see what it’s all about. In this first episode, nine different kids ranging in age from five to thirteen react to Double Rainbow, Two Bunnies Two Cups, Snickers Halloween Commercial, and Obama Podium Fail.

I was curious about the inspiration behind this project. Benny told me that, “Being web video ‘experts’/’pioneers’ whatever you may want to call us has us always thinking about content that is outside the box, inherently viral in itself and good for web video audiences as you can’t just put out a good piece of content and expect it to be seen.” Rafi elaborated, saying, “Most of our series are created with that in mind. With ‘Kids React’ it started, hilariously enough, by thinking ‘why teenage girls seem to love Twilight so much!’ We went from wanting to ask them ourselves to coming up with the larger and more universal concept of a bunch of Kids reacting to viral videos.”

Personally, I think this was a brilliant idea. We (adults) watch videos on YouTube and they make us crack up. We share them with our friends, we post them to our Twitter and Facebook walls and we think that everyone will find them just as funny as we do. Kids, as it turns out, have much different definitions of what is funny than we do. Seeing them react to viral videos in an entirely different way than adults do is really quite entertaining.

I asked Benny and Rafi who the kids are. I wondered if they were kids they knew personally beforehand, friends’ kids, kids from an agency or random kids from the street. Turns out that they all came from notices the brothers placed on Rafi told me that all of the kids they work with “at one point came from casting notices on various websites. One of the girls (Lia, the oldest kid in the series) we’ve worked with for a couple of years now.” You can see Lia in The Fine Brothers’ YouTube sketch called ‘Sarah Palin Family Meeting’.

Check out the second and third episodes of ‘Kids React To Viral Videos below, and be sure to let us know what you think. Are you surprised to the kids reactions to some of the most popular viral videos on the web?

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