Kevin Blatt To Explore Virgin Territory/Tells FBLA All About It


Kevin Blatt is a master showman, in the tradition of P.T. Barnum. He’s gave us the Paris Hilton sex tape and now offers up a twist on the standard reality show with Virgin Territory. Since we’re pals from back in the day, Blatt spoke with FBLA.

The show is 10 male vigins in a house, trying to resist temptation in the shapely form of female celebrities. There’s various trials–there’s the Blue Balls room, there’s Sexual Concentration, there’s Dildo or Don’t, there’s my favorite–the STD Spelling Bee.

The tagline is “When you win it, you lose it”. Blatt, who’s been down the reality path before, created the show and is producing it through Sling It Productions. He’s working with sponsors to make sure that the ultimate virgin who holds out the longest is suitable rewarded. Self-pleasure is out or bounds for the contestants for the duration of the show.

Blatt admits that men can’t physically prove their lack of sexual experience, but claims he can always tell. Candidates will take a lie-detector test, just to be sure. He knows that finding virgins in New York and Los Angeles might be a bit of a struggle.

And yes, Jenna Jameson and Paris Hilton have been among the A-list approached. Blatt says that he’s gotten serious interest from a number of cable channels, and not just the skin ones.

Despite the pimp style, Blatt’s a nice Jewish boy, and he has a way of talking about salacious stuff in a way that seems entertaining and naughty, rather than gross and disgusting. Honest. He’s planning on appearing in the series once or twice, like Hitchcock, if Hitchcock walked around naked carrying a two-headed dildo. (Kidding!)