Keith J. Kelly, for a Change, Answers the Questions

1,814 words of deep marketplace wisdom.

EsquireMarch2015CoverThe Daily Front Row executive editor Ashley Baker cornered Keith J. Kelly recently and the result is a rare and enlightening Q&A.

The New York Post media columnist provides brief but surgically precise primers on various disruptive forces blowing through the media world. For example, he addresses the edge enjoyed by print magazines covering fashion and shares some thoughts on the recent editor in chief shuffling at Esquire:

Do you think it’s the right time to make replacements at the top of the masthead on the edit side? Let’s talk David Granger, for example.

For years, Granger was supposedly an independent cowboy. He didn’t really like to integrate into this new way of doing stuff. If they were doing a cover story on George Clooney, he wouldn’t set up an advertising luncheon with Clooney. He wasn’t that big into the red carpet and TV appearances, carrying the flag of Hearst and Esquire. He was a throwback to an old-school editor, where he did his job, and he did it well, but maybe he didn’t play the hierarchical corporate game as well as some of the others.

What do you think about Jay Fielden taking over at Esquire?

One of the problems with Granger was he wasn’t a fashion-forward kind of guy; he was a man’s man—cigars, whiskey, sports. Fashion, no. He didn’t have enough. Could Esquire be a remake of Men’s Vogue? I hope it doesn’t go that far, but it will definitely migrate more in that direction.

From there, Kelly goes on to address Details, Allure, Anna Wintour and much more. Bookmark-read here.

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