KEeReader Hopes to Make eBooks More Web-Friendly

KEeReader, a browser-based eBook reading platform that uses HTML5/ CSS/JavaScript, hopes to make eBook reading easier on the web and make interacting with the text more like flipping through a print book.

The app uses responsive design so it allows users to read browser-based eBooks on any device be it an eReader, a phone, a tablet or a computer, and have an optimized reading experience. The app also makes the books search engine optimized to make it easier to discover the book as part of a normal web search. interviewed KEeReader’s chief architect Eric Freese. Here is more from the blog:

“The two main goals of this are first to bring e-books into being first- class citizens on the web,” he says, benefitting from search engine optimization techniques for discovery, subscription to open Web standards to leverage the world of web resources like Wiktionary, and even analytics about book use for publishers to use in their business strategies. “The second goal is to unlock knowledge contained within the book.”

The platform is currently entered in HarperCollins’ BookSmash Challenge, a competition that challenges developers to create apps that go beyond the traditional way we read and discover books using HarperCollins’ OpenBook API.