Keep Your Cell Phone Going while Nursing a Broken Heart

If ever any survey results were meant to be taken with a grain of salt, a new poll Energizer conducted for Valentine’s Day should top the list.

The battery maker surveyed male smartphone users between 24 and 35 years old and found that 45% said they couldn’t live without their smartphone. Lots of them might just be cuddling up with said device this Valentine’s Day. When asked to choose between giving up their smartphone or significant other, some 44% of the guys said they’d either give up their sig other or “seriously have to think about it.”

Energizer’s point behind the survey seems to be that the short battery life of most cell phones leaves the potential for broken hearts among smartphone users – especially for those guys who have major groveling to do – so they should use the newly upgraded Energizer Energi To Go battery-operated portable cell phone charger.