Govit: “58% of New Users Choose Facebook Connect”, a site that allows users to connect with congressional representatives by voting on active legislation, has recently become one of the first to add Facebook Connect integration into the democratic experience.  By adding Connect functionality, they have not only made it possible for the 130 million Facebook users to use their credentials to log into the site but also to inform all the connections in their social graph when they do so.  Now, with Facebook integration, Govit users can vote, compare voting trends, leave comments and loop all of this activity  back to Facebook.

The site has also bypassed the need to create another unique account and password, an annoying problem that Facebok Connect definitely solves.  Apparently the Govit community is excited about the change.  Taylor Norrish, who created Govit, told Inside Facebook, “To date, 58% of new users choose Facebook Connect. I’m not surprised, but very happy about that. I believe most of those people would not use the site without it.”

While Facebook Connect was just recently only available to a small group of developers, last week marked the official open availability to the general public.  If you’re interested in adding the Facebook Connect utility to your site or if you just want to learn more, check out Facebook’s documentation on Connect and their sample site, The Run Around!