Keep a Diary of Your Digital Life

Looking to keep track of your digital life? Well, newcomer Rememble will make sure you remember everything as you create an interactive timeline of, well, stuff you’ve done!

The premise is built on membles, little snapshots of you that can be added via PC or mobile computing device in the form of straight text, images or video.

It’s 2007, what fun would documenting your life be if you couldn’t make it public for the world to see? Fear not you shy types; timelines can also be set to private or only shared with specific friends or groups. Speaking of “friends,” if you’re lucky enough to have any, you’ll be able to see what they’re up to in their own lives. And if your life seems way cooler than theirs, leave a comment on their profile and let them know about it.

Rememble can be useful as a way to organize all of your stuff in one place. Assuming the Web site stands the test of time, it’s a great digital diary that seems like it can be truly appreciated down the road. The inclusion of pictures and video from the road speak louder than words – no matter how literary you think you are.

A basic account will bring you a cap of 30 images and 30 videos respectively. Items can also be given tags, hinting at improved search features in the future.

So if you’re forgetful, get organized and make sure you “rememble” your digital life!