Keep a Baby Journal Online With Kidmondo

My little sister has always complained that our parents love me more than her. Of course, this is the absurd unfounded rantings that only a younger sibling can deliver. However, there is one piece of evidence she always points to: the fact that my parents kept a baby for me and not for her.

Nowadays, parents are out of excuses. Kidmondo is the online baby journal that’s available to any family member with an Internet connection. From baby’s initial steps to those magical first words, document everything in a simple fashion. You can even couple your words with photos and videos.Each profile also includes modules to log medical information and growth charts.

Interactive timelines can be shared with family members and friends, and down the road, enjoyed by thankful children. A feature I would like to see added is the ability to order a physical book based on the inputted information. Even in this electronic age, I am a true believer that nothing compares with something tangible – that can be treasured forever. At the very least, how about a promise from the founders that the information you painstakingly input, will be hosted forever.

In human terms, Kidmondo is just a tot. And like any good Web youngster, this kid’s parents are willing to listen to your feedback.

The ad-supported Website is free for your first three kids, but will set you back between $5 – $10 if you either want to get rid of the ads or are extremely fertile.

To protect your child’s safety, there is no option to make profiles available to the public.

Website discovered on Mashable.

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