KDOC–Endless Amusement

Mike Schneider brings up a blast from the pastThe Poorman! He’s actually writing about the revamp of KDOC-TV, which was sold last April, and now is re-running classic shows. But for years, KDOC was the home of Wally George and Jim “The Poorman” Trenton, who was sort of a mash-up of Tom Green and Dr. Drew. He did his last broadcast of The Love Channel in the nude.


And the station is collecting Wally George stories, too. Here’s why:

Wally, sitting before a desk flanked by American flags and 2 burly state troopers with a picture of the Duke hanging on the wall, invited “liberals, perverts and left-wing lunatics” onto the Hot Seat stage so he could debate them, which in many cases, meant he could insult, berate and throw them off the stage to huge applause from the audience.

FBLA thinks it’s weird and sad that more channels = less entertainment.