7 Inappropriate Katy Perry Sesame Street Parodies… Or Are They?

Unless you live under a rock, odds are that you’ve heard that Katy Perry was kicked off Sesame Street last week. Her music video with Elmo was deemed inappropriate by parents, due to some serious cleavage and a slightly provocative acting style. Since the video was banned from Sesame Street it has been the talk of the town on YouTube and numerous parodies and commentaries have been uploaded. Was the original Sesame Street video inappropriate? How about the parodies? Check them out and let us know what you think!

Katy Perry sings “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street

If you haven’t seen the original Katy Perry Sesame Street video you can check it out here. Katy Perry uploaded it to her own YouTube channel and it has been viewed nearly 4 million times so far. Do you think the video is too provocative? Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the whole hullabaloo that has resulted. She isn’t really baring it all, and seriously – are kids looking at boobs anyway?

Katy Perry Elmo Clip On SNL

Katy Perry got her chance to respond to Sesame Street (sort of) in a Saturday Night Live clip last weekend. The clip was uploaded to YouTube a couple of days ago and has almost 1 million views as well. In the clip Perry wears an Elmo shirt with some serious cleavage (much more “boobies” on SNL than in the original clip).

Katy Perry and Elmo – UNRELEASED Sesame Street Footage

A Barely Political video shows that the outfit Katy Perry wore in the video wasn’t her idea. In this parody, Elmo does all he can to get a provocative performance out of the singer. The video brings up a good point – wasn’t Sesame Street responsible for the wardrobe and performance in this video? How could such a seasoned television program not foresee the response that came from parents?

Katy Perry gets Dirty with Elmo on Sexame Street NSFW

Screen Team released a parody of the Katy Perry Elmo video that is way more provocative than the original with a much bigger cup size and much more provocative lyrics. If the original clip had looked something like this then I think the negative response would definitely have been warranted. But after seeing this, Katy Perry’s song with Elmo doesn’t seem so bad at all!

Katy Perry sings “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street! (PARODY/EXPLICIT) NSFW

The parodies keep getting more and more inappropriate, making the original video look like what it is – child’s play. This one features some very NSFW lyrics, not to mention a super creepy Elmo.

Elmo Responds to Katy Perry’s Boobs on Sesame Street NSFW

The B Squad released a spoof interview with Elmo about his take on the Katy Perry video. Who knew Elmo had such a dirty mouth?

Elmo Goes Nuts After Katy Perry is Kicked Off Sesame Street

Even kids are jumping on the Katy Perry Sesame Street parody bandwagon. The All4TubeKids Channel, YouTube content created for kids by kids, released a video starring Elmo as he freaks out about Katy Perry getting kicked off Sesame Street.

So? What do you think? Was the original Katy Perry Sesame Street clip too hot for kids? It doesn’t look so bad after some of these parodies, does it?