Hurricane Katrina doesn’t have much directly to do with our regular subject here, but we’re going to continue to report on some of the coverage highlights and notes because it’s such a compelling national story:

> Slate’s Jack Shafer is wondering why race and class aren’t being mentioned in the reportage. “Nearly every rescued person, temporary resident of the Superdome, looter, or loiterer on the high ground of the freeway I saw on TV was African-American. And from the look of it, they weren’t wealthy residents of the Garden District. This storm appears to have hurt blacks more directly than whites, but the broadcasters scarcely mentioned that fact.”

> Cousin TVNewser reports via THR that the situation in New Orleans has deteriorated to the point that NBC has the hired security for its news crews. “We’ve never been in a situation domestically like this, where the populace has been cut off from the rest of the world and there’s no food and water,” NBC News VP David Verdi said.

> Americans are continuing to watch in record numbers.