Katrina, and the waves

The storm may have passed but the aftermath may be even more daunting – this picture from this morning’s NYT homepage says it all. Romenesko reports that the Times-Picayune staffers have finally been forced off the beat due to rising water; TVNewser, with typically thorough coverage, writes at length about CNN’s Jeanne Meserve phoning in from the field and breaking down on the air in the midst of a litany of horrors:

It’s been horrible. As I left tonight, darkness, of course, had fallen. And you can hear people yelling for help. You can hear the dogs yelping, all of them stranded, all of them hoping someone will come.

Meserve’s descriptions are far more graphic and horrifyingly detailed, but I couldn’t bring myself to post them. The transcript is here; his post prompted a huge response and Brian has since posted an MP3 version. If you start reading or listening, you won’t be able to stop. It is horrifying, and gripping.

My choice of title for this post was not flip; there could not be a more ironic association for all of this than the song “Walking on Sunshine” by the above-referenced band; trust me, it hasn’t stopped going through my head. It is, though, one of the most upbeat and optimistic songs I could probably ever think of, so hopefully the time will come, soon, when it will be appropriate to link it.

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