Katrina, and kudos to all who cover her

It’s Friday, Labor Day weekend. Who knows how many of you are even around to read this right now; I hope you’re all off doing something fun and relaxing and safe and dry.

Katrina and her coverage are far from over, but at the end of this harrowing week I wanted to say how amazingly proud I am to be even remotely part of this profession. The LAT today suggests that the heroic coverage by the reporters on the ground across the Gulf Coast might just rehabilitate the press in the eyes of a suspicious public. I hope that’s true; they’ve certainly earned it.

This week, the media is performing a public service. This week, the media may save lives — if the government hurries…

That’s a quote from TVNewser, which has been the first place I’ve gone for my news this week. Reading it, every day, I’ve just been struck again and again by how amazing this reporting has been. The press has been on the front lines here, getting the message out and helping where they’ve been able, “snapping the administration to attention” as Alessandra Stanley says and calling them out again and again (go go go CNN!).

Meanwhile, what the Times-Picayune has been doing is incredible. Ditto the Biloxi Sun-Herald, where still about a third of the staffers remain unaccounted for.

In an earlier post I gave credit to TVNewser for his unrelenting coverage and I just wanted to say that goes double for so many others of our ilk who have been covering this horrendous and historic tragedy. It really does make me proud, for whatever that’s worth.

Okay, enough warm fuzzies. Have a happy holiday weekend, all of yous.