Kalio announces Ring Run Circus, coming to iOS this month

Image via Kalio

Uruguay-based mobile game developer Kalio has announced the upcoming launch of the “world’s first ring-former,” Ring Run Circus, on iOS. The game challenges players with helping three acrobats solve over 50 puzzles by collecting keys and taking them to each puzzle’s exit.

Players solve stages by navigating a series of hoops or rings, tapping on the left side of the device’s screen to cause the acrobat to move to the inside or outside of the ring. Stars and obstacles are scattered around each level, so players must rely on reflexes and observational skills to know where to run next, and when to move their character in or out of a ring.

Image via Kalio

All three of the game’s characters, Nina, Ned and Nelson, are given their own set of levels that are solved using those characters’ unique skills. Nina, for instance, can jump over obstacles as players tap on the right side of the screen. Ned, meanwhile, can slap enemies, stopping their movement for a short time, potentially opening up paths to the exit that didn’t exist before. Finally, Nelson can flip switches and move rings around the environment to access new areas.

The game’s fourth world sees players combining the skills of multiple characters to gather the key and ultimately complete levels. For instance, players may start a level as Nina, jumping over obstacles, but then must switch to Nelson to rearrange hoops before Nina can continue on.

Image via Kalio

Ring Run Circus will release as a universal app on iOS on October 3. The app will cost $3.99 to download, but isn’t set to include any in-app purchases. Check back after launch to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

Editor’s update: The release of Ring Run Circus has been delayed until later this month.