Kabam officially reveals it’s in the publishing game

Mid-core developer Kabam today announced the official launch of Kabam Publishing, a new part of the company that will allow third-party game developers to utilize Kabam’s technology platform and marketing tools across all the platforms Kabam is present on (Facebook, web, iOS and Android).

Note the term “official.” Kabam’s actually been publishing third party games since Casual Connect 2012, something we picked up on at the time and confirmed with Kabam VP, Corporate Communications Steve Swasey. At the time, the company was testing the publishing waters with 5th Planet’s Clash of the Dragons.

Now Kabam has 15 publishing partners, including Reality Square Games (of Wartune fame), Venan Games (known for Book of Heroes) and ZQ Game Inc (Shadowland Online).

When it comes to mobile partners, there are few game developers with a larger audience than Kabam, which managed to find huge success with its Kingdoms of Camelot franchise across a variety of platforms (including taking the No. 1 spot on iOS). Venan Games is a case study on the power of Kabam’s promotion power: In the two months since Book of Heroes launched, the game’s made it into the top 100 grossing apps on iOS, and CEO Brandon Curiel says Kabam increased the game’s number of daily active users approximately tenfold.

As the mobile games scene grows increasingly crowded, we’re hearing more and more from developers who struggle with discoverability. Zynga’s been another company that’s been bullish about getting into publishing mobile games. When we spoke to COO David Ko this past summer about Zynga’s mobile efforts, he was quick to point out both how Zynga has a great deal of development, optimization and marketing experience to lend to mobile studios, as well as a substantial audience of mobile gamers to tap into. While Zynga’s also been aggressively courting mid-core game developers lately, Kabam might be more appealing to said studios simply because the entirety of their audience is composed of mid-core players.

Developers interested in learning more about this program can head over to Kabam’s website for more info.

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