Kabam launches Wartune: Hall of Heroes on iOS, Google Play

wartune 650

Game developer and publisher Kabam has today announced the launch of Wartune: Hall of Heroes on iOS and Android devices. The MMORPG sees players choosing to become a knight, archer or mage, as they join millions of players around the world in a fantasy land filled with monsters and quests.

As players explore the world, they’ll collect loot from fallen enemies, can craft enchanted gear to improve their hero, and can customize their appearance with new weapons and armor.

The game features both a single-player campaign mode and multiplayer battles. These player-vs-player elements support three-person squads or up to 30-member guild battles.

“Kabam is unique among the world’s mobile games companies in our ability to identify hit games in Asia that we adapt and make popular in Western markets,” said Kabam Publishing President Amit Ranade. “We expect Wartune: Hall of Heroes to be as significant a hit internationally as it has been in China.”

Jointly developed 7Road and Hoolai of Beijing, the game has become one of the top-grossing games in China and was licensed as part of Kabam’s $50 million development fund. This fund was created to bring popular Asian titles to gamers in Western territories, with help for localization, translation, analytics tracking, marketing, user acquisition / retention and more.

“At Hoolai Games, we have always been passionate about creating and developing quality, engaging games – no matter what platform it’s for,” added Xiang Lin, VP of International Business Development at Hoolai Games. “Wartune: Hall of Heroes introduces a new experience that finally brings the scale of traditional PC-based strategy RPG gaming onto mobile. We are excited for the reception of the international audience and remain committed to pushing the technological limits of game creation.”

Wartune: Hall of Heroes is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.