JustReachOut Thinks It Can Beat Your Startup Pitches


This week, we’ve witnessed the further evolution of the “do tech startups even need PR?” debate.

Uber’s General Manager Chris Nakutis gave the concept a big thumbs down while contributor Paul Wilke of Upright Position Communications presented ways to try and dispel the sense of inherent distrust between the two parties.

Today, TechCrunch let us know that yet another company called JustReachOut wants to replace you(!) by making the email pitching process a little easier for those startup folks.

We can tell you’re curious…

The quote you don’t want to read:

“The idea behind the service is that most startups can probably bypass the regular PR channels in their early days by simply building relationships with the reporters that cover their fields.”

Here’s the idea: first you tell the service what sort of topic your startup covers/addresses (content marketing, Twitter analytics, delivery by drone etc.). Using basic search algorithms, it locates journalists who have recently covered the same topic and lists them and their pieces for your convenience.

Once you’ve chosen the writer, the service presents you with a form email along these lines:

“Hi Blank, I’m blank from blank. I was just reading your story on blank and thought you might be interested in blank since it seems like you cover blank quite often.”

This isn’t the end of the process: the service encourages you to contact founder/”growth hacker”/Criminally Prolific guy Dmitry Dragilev for a little help in personalizing the message.

That’s it, then. For a mere $99 per month, scrappy startups can get a piece of software to do most of what a full time PR person would supposedly do (at least when it comes to pitching journalists via email).

Hey, we get it: pitching startups is hard. We can’t tell you how many pitches we get for this blog and sister site AgencySpy that ask us whether we can just hop on a quick phone call to discuss all the benefits of a client’s new ad buying software or content management system or influence measurement service.

And as much as we want to dismiss JustReachOut, we’re pretty sure that a majority of those emails are, in fact, automated…