Justin Singletary, Savannah, Uncovers Vital Real Estate Tips

Real estate investment and rehabilitation is on the rise as the housing market begins to climb back up to profitable levels, and people such as Justin Singletary, Savannah-based real estate investor, know how important it is to make a property stand out. The housing market may be thriving, but there is still some competitive aspects that make it challenging to turn a profit this year. That is why real estate investment professionals are advised to not hold back on their rehabilitation projects.

Below are some quick projects for making a home more valuable so that it can attract buyers faster.

  • De-clutter every nook and cranny in the home. Anything that cannot fit or that gets in the way should be put into storage, sold, or given to a friend. Just clearing up space in the home can do wonders for resale value.
  • While taking away all of the clutter, homeowners should be mindful to leave a touch of personality. Justin Singletary, Savannah real estate investor, indicates that a common mistake made by people in his industry is taking away everything so that the property looks like a generic hotel. Homebuyers want to find a place to call home, not just a place to live.
  • It is amazing what a fresh coat of neutral paint can do for a home’s interior. Not only does it cover small imperfections and cracks in the walls, but it can also make rooms seem larger and more inviting. White is the safest color to paint the interior of a home since new residents can easily cover it with their own color of choice.
  • Bad odors are one of the biggest turn-offs for prospective buyers. Property rehabilitators should track down the source of any smells that may be emanating from the building and completely eliminate them. Scented candles or air fresheners are only temporary solutions for this problem. To permanently get rid of odors, Justin Singletary recommends opening windows, clearing drains, washing bins, scrubbing floors, and possible getting rid of smell-stained furniture.

With the winter now in full force, amateur real estate investors think that they will not be able to market their assets and should wait until the spring. Justin Singletary, Savannah-based real estate investment extraordinaire, believes that with the right tactics, the winter can be just as profitable as any other season. Property investors who want to attract homebuyers this winter should follow these tips.

  • Sellers should get professional photos taken of their properties. Even if there are no leaves on the trees and the properties are completely covered in snow, property investors will want to make a good impression with their listings. Having a high-quality photograph for a listing can make a huge difference in the selling price of the property. There is no excuse for avoiding investing in professional photographs.
  • The property should look warm and welcoming. Justin Singletary, Savannah real estate investor, advises people to clear the “for sale” sign of all debris. Any snow or slush that has accumulated over the driveway, roof, and foundation should be cleared out quickly. Some homes have a deck or patio that is their main selling feature; this can be highlighted with outdoor furniture or special heated lights.
  •  An overlooked factor that affects the real estate investment industry in the winter is the sports schedule. From December to February, football is taking over and people will avoid missing any games, especially ones that involve the home team. It is encouraged to schedule any open houses on days that there are no games so that more people will be available to come visit.

“If you really want to make people show interest in your property, then you should go green,” advises Justin Singletary. “There are many advantages to making your home green, especially in this day and age. More people believe in protecting the environment and thus are investing in properties that are eco-friendly. Also, you will save plenty of money on energy costs until you decide to sell your real estate.”

The top ways to make a home green nowadays are as follows:

  • Justin Singletary states that real estate investors should install programmable thermostats to save energy and cut utility bills. Half of a home’s energy bill goes toward heating and cooling a home, and residents will often squander away thousands of dollars a year by neglecting their thermostats. The recommended temperature for a home is between 68 and 78 degrees. Now, it is possible to buy programmable thermostats that automatically adjust to these temperatures in order to get the best savings.
  • Believe it or not, landscaping can make a huge impact on how well a property promotes energy efficiency. With a little bit of effort, real estate investors can craft their properties to provide shade in the summer and insulation in the winter. The Environmental Protection Agency advises people to plant trees that lose their leaves on the western and southern sides of the building. This will block infrared radiation and heat from entering the home in the summer. In the winter, when the trees shed their leaves, the sun will penetrate the windows and make the house warmer.

Justin Singletary, Savannah-based property investor, recommends that people invest in these strategies if they want to see their real estate investment ventures succeed.