Justin Bieber Tops Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands List

Advertising Age teamed up with social-media trend-analytics service What the Trend to create the weekly Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands list, which debuted last week and presented its second installment Friday.

How does it work? From the Notes section at the bottom of the AdAge.com post:

We broadly define “brands” to include major marketers (e.g., Apple) and branded products (e.g., iPad), as well as celebrity and entertainment brands (e.g., Lady Gaga, American Idol). Ad Age works with WTT to consolidate multiple threads of brand chatter (e.g., Apple, iPad, iTampon, Apple Tablet) into one position on the chart when it’s clear that related Twitter conversations are basically all about the same topic, even if they use different keywords.

This week’s top 10:
• 1: Justin Bieber (including Justin Bieber, #iloveitwhenjustin, #BABYMusicVideo, #iLOVEJustinBecause, #becauseofbieber, #welovejustinbieber)
• 2: Olympics (including Shaun White, Vancouver, Johnny Weir, #van2010, Winter Olympics, Nodar Kumaritashvili, Olympics, Evan Lysacek, Gold, Apolo Ohno, Lindsey Vonn, Alexandre Bilodeau, Mike Robertson, Georgian, Maelle Ricker, Canadian, Swiss, Wayne Gretzky, Torah Bright, Plushenko, Nordic Combined, Kristina Groves, k.d. lang, Sven Kramer, Snowboard Cross, #shaunwhite, Team Canada, Shani Davis, Jenn Heil, Nelly Furtado, Peter Pan, Canadians, Joni Mitchell, Slovakia, Zhao, Sidney Crosby, Switzerland, Seth Wescott, NBC, Hallelujah, Scott Hamilton, Louie Vito, Oh Canada, Peru, Donald Sutherland, Solitude, Silver, China’s Shen, Shen, Another Gold, Latvia, Russian)
• 3: NBA (including NBA, LeBron, #AS10, Lakers, Kobe, Nate Robinson, Cavs, #ABetterDunkContest, Melo, Alicia Keys, MVP, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, This Shakira, Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings, Rondo, Dallas, Charles Barkley, East, Kevin Martin, Eric Gordon, Shaq, Bron, Horse, Alicia’s, Now Alicia Keys, Worst Dunk Contest, Shakira, Skills Challenge, Dwight Howard, Slam Dunk Contest)
• 4: Google Buzz (including Google Buzz, Google Buzz Has, Here’s How, Integrate Facebook, Buzz, We May Remove Buzz, Your Gmail, Annoyed With Buzz In)
• 5: BRITs (including BRITs, JLS, Lady Gaga, Peter Kay, Brit Awards, Florence, #goodluckjls, Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole, Liam Gallagher, Prince Harry)
• 6: We Are the World
• 7: Windows Phone 7 (including Windows Phone 7, Microsoft)
• 8: MNIK
• 9: #becauseofnickiminaj
• 10: iPad