Justin Bieber Tackles Paternity Allegations With Science, Makes Girls Scream

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Justin Bieber has announced that he’s going to take a paternity test to prove that allegations that he’s the father of Mariah Yeater’s three-month-old baby aren’t true.

From the beginning, Bieber and his team were confident that Bieber was not the baby’s father, but now he’s bringing science to his defense, a bold move that show’s he’s confident he’s no baby daddy.

Moreover, Bieber has been unafraid of making public appearances and addressing the issue head-on.

Over the weekend, at the European Music Awards, he made mention of all the “crap on the Internet” when accepting the “best pop” trophy.

And on a Friday Today show appearance, he was even more forceful in his response, saying he never met Yeater, routinely goes directly to his car after performances and wouldn’t have had the occasion to meet her, and will “be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim” of the celebrity spotlight. The statement prompted shrieks of joy from the girls in the crowd that were so loud, Matt Lauer had to lean in to hear Bieber.

Remember what PR pros say about “building brand equity” during good times and it will help you during the inevitable crisis? That theory is in action in the video above.

Last week, Bieber went viral for a freestyle rap that, as I tweeted, made me fall out in my chair. (Jermaine Dupri wasn’t surprised by Bieber’s skill and DJ Premier said he’d like to work with the Biebs.)

For a minute, some thought it was a stunt designed to take attention off of the baby allegations. But it looks like Bieber, confident that these accusations are untrue, isn’t falling back on stunts. Even better, the Friday Today show appearance gave him an opportunity to deny the allegations and talk about his philanthropic work.

If things work out the way Bieber says and the paternity test proves he’s not the baby daddy, this will work out to be a lesson for everyone in how to handle negative allegations.