Justin Bieber Facebook Page Crashes Facebook Stories

Just Bieber, one of the most popular users on Facebook, has crashed the new Facebook stories application on his page and it has been removed. For those that are unaware of the tool, Involver helped power the new Facebook Stories application that was released earlier today, which enables Facebook users to share their stories about how they got on Facebook and how it has changed their lives. That same tool was integrated into Justin Bieber’s Facebook Page, however things didn’t end well.

Instead, the tool has crashed and now the fans are being forced to post their updates on the fan wall, something they were already doing plenty of. With over 50,000 people becoming fans each day, Justin Bieber is definitely a popular individual. In fact, according to our Facebook Pages leaderboard, Justin Bieber is the 21st most popular person on Facebook. Impressive!
If you happen to be a Justin Bieber fan and were looking to share your stories on his Facebook Page, you are going to have to wait because there are too many of you! Fortunately there are plenty of other places online to express your love for the young pop star.
According to sources close to the company, Justin Bieber was asked to remove the Stories tab from his page has he was soliciting stories about himself rather than how his fans are using Facebook in unique and interesting ways. Apparently he’s good at exaggerating the truth.