Just How Many People Changed Their Facebook Pics In Honor of the SCOTUS Decision?

A lot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the answer is 26 million. More than that, these rainbow profile pics collected 500 million likes and comments from other users.

And not only are we talking about regular folks, but lots of celebs including Leo (seen here), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anne Hathaway and more.

Facebook revealed where the colorful addition came from: “Last week, two of the company’s interns built the rainbow filter as part of an internal hackathon and they were so popular the team decided to go global with the filter on Friday.”

The support that the SCOTUS ruling and the gay community received should be further incentive for marketers to consider the LGBTQ community when crafting their campaigns. Already we’ve seen brands like Honey Maid, Hallmark and 7-Eleven target the gay community with efforts that don’t just single out LGBTQ individuals. Rather, there have been campaigns that seamlessly integrate same-sex couples and families into the effort to showcase the wide variety of US families that are a part of everyday life.

Going forward, expect to see marketers further integrating the LGBTQ community into their efforts, knowing that it won’t just engage the members of that community, but supporters who are thrilled to see their friends, family and neighbors get pitched as much as straight people.

For Facebook, it was a great way for that social media platform to become a hub for celebration over a weekend in which people had taken to the digital realm and the streets to show how happy they were that #LoveWins.