Just Another Manic Monday Media Minutiae

  • Arianna updates the HuffPo look, wonders why Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is so damn supportive of Judy: I read this post a few times trying to figure out exactly what the point is, and I think that’s it: Judith Miller is in jail for a journalistic precept upheld in relation to work for the Times, and Punch is behind that in a big way – despite her history with WMDs, despite Chalabi’s dubious dealings, despite the alleged grumblings of his staff. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing she thinks Punch should be a little more discriminating. Oh yeah, the type is now orange instead of red. Bring back the red! Bring back the red! [HuffPo]
  • Bald is better, especially in headlines. Oh, Page Six. You’re just so…direct. Was “pruned is preferable” too subtle? In other news, that Abe Vigoda beat is yours. Prunes actually might help him out with all that cereal. [NYP]
  • Bet on AJ and double your money: First we had the Freakonomics Steves and their little toes; now we have the Italian Stallions of vice, the AJs of Oddjack. Last week Oddjack helmer AJ Daulerio welcomed former NYDN gossip AJ Benza to the house, which always wins. Now they’re Oddjacking it up together, and we’re sure they’re having a blast – they got along so well together the first time. [Oddjack]
  • While the Administration Swiftboats, Frank Rich MEL-tops: Frank Rich assumes his habitual post-weekend spot atop MEL with an excoriating indictment of Republican’s going into attack-dog-smear-mode on Cindy Sheehan, noting that it’s one of their favorite tactics, as well as an interesting point that hadn’t occurred to me: “Cindy Sheehan’s bashers, you’ll notice, almost never tell her son’s story.” He’s preaching to a great big choir, but you never know, voices carry. [NYT]*
  • Apparently Virginia Heffernan doesn’t quite agree with me. I definitely see where she’s coming from with the frothy white hair though. Also, her headline doesn’t have a funeral pun in it (“And They All Died Happily Ever After, Sort of“). That’s kind of big. If you doubt, journey beyond the jump to the final resting place of this item as it is laid to rest with a selection of dearly departed headlines on the topic.

    p.s. That title reminds me of my favorite “Family Ties” quote: “After I Zoquo, I like to Ushnu.” Yes, you have seen it before. What would you do, baby, without us?

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  • And finally Jossip takes the puiss out of the show with this one: “Burying Six Feet Under