Jumping to Conclusions: Does the Droid Have Nearly 18% Android Market Share?

Android phones make up a tiny part of the smartphone market. But, Verizon’s aggressive (and expensive) Droid marketing campaign seems to have gotten it mindshare in the non-techie population. And, based on Google’s own data of devices using the Android Market over a 14-day period ending on December 14, the Droid accounted for 17.7% of accesses to the market. That number comes from combining the 2.9% running Android 2.0 and 14.8% running Android 2.0.1. This means that 1 out of every 5.5 Android devices accessing the market was a Doid.

[Android] Platform Versions

There are two ways to interpret this data though.

1. The Droid accounts for 17.7% of the total Android phone market

2. Droid owners are by definition new Android users who are more likely to peruse the Android Market for apps to try

The truth, I suspect, lies somewhere in between those two interpretations. It does show the danger of leaping to conclusions about market share though.

Via Betanews: Analytics: 15% of all Android devices are Motorola Droids