Journalists: Save $50 On Our Next Boot Camp, And Learn When To Use Twitter In Your Reporting

Mediabistro is offering readers of AllTwitter a $50 discount on our brand-new course, Journalism and Technology Boot Camp. In this 8 week course, you’ll learn (among other things) how and when to use Twitter in your research, reporting and promotion as a journalist in the digital era.

Whether you’ve been struggling to embrace new technologies or you want to expand your repertoire, the Journalism and Technology Boot Camp will help you get a handle on using new technology.

You’ll participate in weekly assignments and discussions about interactive tools available to today’s journalists. The instructor will guide you through the tools out there and show you how to use them. Specifically, you’ll learn how to present stories and information using maps, slideshows, photo galleries, video and other online multimedia, as well as the role that social media, including Twitter, should play in your career.

After the 8 weeks, you’ll have a rich portfolio of interactive components to round out your skills and to add to your online presence.

This course is a fantastic opportunity to start building your familiarity with online tools, and expand your journalistic abilities.

As I mentioned above, AllTwitter readers will enjoy a $50 discount on the course by using the discount code ALLTWITTER. You can see more details about the course and sign up by visiting the Journalism and Technology Boot Camp course page.

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