Journalists Prefer Twitter to Facebook, and Here’s Why

Do you follow any of your favorite journalists on Facebook?

The ‘book made it pretty easy for journos to create a “community” by allowing people outside their friend list to follow them and check out the stuff they share. Twitter also only gets about 10% of the traffic, so wouldn’t it make sense for every aspiring journalist to use Facebook for self-promotion?

Not really—and Ezra Klein of The Washington Post explained why:

Twitter is simply more useful for our jobs. For better or worse, it’s where news breaks today.

As a journalist, if you wanted to stay on top of much of the best reporting you simply have to be on Twitter.

Tweeting your articles ensures they’re seen — and discussed, and retweeted — within a community that includes not just your friends and peers, but the people who might hire you someday.

The thing is, while writers do often find stories on Facebook, we don’t turn to our newsfeeds for updates on events as they happen, and we don’t post things on our timelines to share with the larger journalistic bubble. It’s more a place for “here’s something you missed” or “here’s what that weird pop culture meme of the day/week is all about” or “hey, look at this puppy!”

That’s why publications like Slate and Gawker hire people just to manage their social feeds.

What do you think, readers? Do you interact with any journalists on Facebook? And which social forums do you use for news?

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