According To Jose Canseco’s Twitter, He’s Crazy . . . Like a Fox

It looks like Jose Canseco has been showing the crazy card for a few weeks now, with his account consisting of nearly as many haters as fans (by his own admission) – and he seems to like it. Scratch that, he seems to LOVE it. What’s going on?

At the time of this writing, Jose is embroiled in many battles on Twitter. The one occupying his time right now focuses on alleged flirtation with attractive female Twitterers, with tweets being sent to his girlfriend fanning the flames. Riveting. No, not really.

But what is riveting about it is the sheer insanity of the tweets. No, really, check out a few:

And if you just scroll through his account you’ll find many more like that.

But that’s not all. He’s also actively trying to start fights with people – just anyone it seems, ranging from his fans to other sports figures:


What’s that? His WEBSITE? Why, yes. It seems Jose will soon be opening a “membership website” where folks can interact, BUY things and follow his insane ramblings. I wonder if this will be a fee-based site? Either way, the merchandise sales could add up. Potentially.



So is this whole “crazy” thing just an act? Oh, and in case you’re a sponsor (with no fear for your job security), he’s also open to other opportunities as well. And he’s “very hip.”



Or maybe he really is just crazy.


But that’s okay if he’s crazy – because which is better on Twitter, anyway? (And by better, we mean funnier.) Spontaneous insanity, as referenced above, or planned hilarity that seems funny at first but then leaves the viewer with an uneasy, “I just watched something kind of creepy” feeling? Check out this video from Conan O’Brien and then decide:

(Insane person holding aces picture from Shutterstock)

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