Jonas Brothers Set for Live Facebook Webcast Tomorrow Night

The wildly popular Jonas Brothers are gearing up to launch a series of live webcasts through their Facebook public profile, with the first in a series slated for tomorrow night. The unveiling of the single “Paranoid” marks the first time a U.S. artist has used a live Facebook webcast to debut a song, according to Facebook.

The Jonas Brothers will be able to interact with fans during the webcast through a Facebook application developed by Ustream. Along with the debut of the single and chat with fans, the teen singers are scheduled to discuss their new album and upcoming tour.

Using Facebook to introduce fans to new material is a great way for any band, not just multi-platinum artists like the Jonas Brothers, to reach new fans and firm up an existing fanbase. It will also keep viewers on the page for an longer period of time, giving other content on the page extended exposure, including ads. In the case of the Jonas Brothers, this would mean a lot of face time with teens and tweens, a demographic that is wildly coveted by any number of companies.

This personal connection through live, interactive video will also give the Jonas’s a chance to gain a little ground on other artists on Facebook. Currently, they aren’t in the top 10 — surprising when you consider their fan base.

Page Leaderboard – Musicians
Name Fans
2.Lady Gaga2,500,767
3.Linkin Park2,166,086
6.Chris Brown1,783,874
8.Susan Boyle1,707,280
9.Katy Perry1,686,854
10.Justin Timberlake1,656,481
11.Pink Floyd1,526,434
12.Britney Spears1,437,317
13.Avril Lavigne1,381,112
15.Kanye West1,269,270
17.Jonas Brothers1,134,251
18.Daft Punk1,128,239
20.Taylor Swift1,118,472
21.Miley Cyrus1,109,686
23.50 Cent1,079,706
26.Ashley Tisdale1,040,640
27.Bon Jovi1,030,974
28.Snoop Dogg1,019,754
29.Enrique Iglesias944,237
30.Green Day918,082