Jonas Brothers, *NSYNC Manager Is Looking For His Next Star On Web Video

Big time pop music manager Johnny Wright, the manager behind super stars like the Jonas Brothers, *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, has launched a brand new Web series to find the next international pop supergroup.

What do Justin Bieber, Esmee Denters and Greyson Chance have in common? They all paved their way to pop stardom via YouTube and the web. Big time pop music manager Johnny Wright, the manager behind super stars like the Jonas Brothers, *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, understands the power of social media when it comes to discovering new talent. That’s why he’s launched a brand new Web series, along with Cambio and AT&T, to find the next international pop supergroup.

On the Spot: Johnny Wright’s Quest for the Next Pop Sensation began accepting auditions last week from musicians ages 16 to 30 from all over the world. Auditions can be uploaded at Auditions are open through February 25 and, according to the Associated Press, the series will begin in January. The 21-episode series will culminate in the selection of a band, or single artist, in June of 2011. Viewers will be able to watch On the Spot online, as well as on their mobile phones through Cambio and U-Verse.

Johnny Wright has spent his entire career discovering talent and guiding it into superstardom. He’s calling the series “the world’s biggest talent search ever“. Check out his promo for the series and call for auditions below.

So where did the inspiration for On the Spot come from? Wright told the AP that he is frequently approached by wannabe pop stars in public, when he’s out having dinner or buying shoes, who want to sing or rap a few lines for him in an impromptu audition. Wright says, “I always felt uncomfortable because I felt like I had to give them an immediate response to what they did and I didn’t have enough time to register what they did. A friend of mine named Doug flipped out his camera phone, and he started filming the person on camera.” Wright started to upload the videos to his website to ask online fans what they thought about the impromptu audition tapes. When Cambio came to Wright to talk about the possibility of a web series (Cambio was started by Wright’s clients the Jonas Brothers), he thought that it could be interesting to do something similar where people audition for him online.

Thinking about uploading an audition tape to On the Spot? Make it as passionate as possible, because Wright says he’s looking for sincere passion in these audition tapes above all else. “When I see something that I like, my leg starts to shake back and forth. That’s my tick. When that happens, I know I’m interested in something.” So come on auditioners! Here’s your chance to make Johnny Wright’s let shake!

The new doors that online video has opened for the discovery of talent never fails to get me all excited. How cool is it that these days all a truly talented singer, dancer, filmmaker or artist has to do to get noticed is upload a few videos to YouTube and get down to business promoting themselves? Of course, I’m not saying it’s easy to get discovered online. It takes time, patience and, of course, real talent. But I do think it’s fantastic that talented people who may have otherwise fallen through the cracks have got a new outlet for putting their name out there. What do you think of the idea of searching for talent on the web? Do you think you’ll audition for or watch Johnny Wright’s On the Spot?