Jonah Hill Gives Good Apology

shutterstock_170008331Another day, another celebrity pulling an Alec Baldwin on an innocent professional photographer.

This isn’t really news, but when TMZ calls your apology “near perfect“, there might just be lessons to learn…

22 Jump Street star and surprise Oscar nominee Jonah Hill showed everyone else in L.A. how to kiss and make up after telling an overeager paparazzo to “s— my d—” over the weekend and throwing in a homophobic slur for good measure.

For some reason, Hill thought that Howard Stern would be “the perfect person to talk to about this“–and he proceeded to hit every note on his one-stop apology tour.

Note Hill’s “it’s not about me” explanation:

“I’m happy to take the heat for using this disgusting word….What would break my heart is for anyone to think, especially after all the work I’ve done, and all the loved ones I have…that I’d be against anyone for their sexuality.

I’m not worried about judgment. I’m worried about hurting someone’s feelings.”

To further stress this point, he mentioned that he’d been hanging out with a gay friend who would be getting married soon.

We’ve admired Hill since his roles as “annoying guy” in Knocked Up and “even more annoying guy” in Superbad, but in this case we have to quietly applaud his ability to acknowledge the fact that a public figure who faces backlash for making insensitive comments is not, in fact, a victim.

Sure, there’s something of a double standard in that no one would care about an incident on the street between two non-entities, but Hill knows this. And he clearly knows what he has to do when the headlines hit the Facebook “trending” column.

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