Jolie Inc.

JolieNYC.jpg Wow – our little Jolie is all growed up. In less than two weeks she’s gone from outed blogger and fired beauty editor to a budding authoress with an agent, publicist and lawyer (prominently displayed on her blog). Like the pine trees lining the winding road, she also has a name (Nadine Haobsh) and a fancy new website ( She also has a face, which has smiled becomingly on MSNBC and will soon be seen with the equally comely Anderson Cooper on CNN, plus all manner of clips from People to the NYPost to a nice chit-chat with fellow Seven Sisters vet Myrna Blyth in the New York Sun. All of which leads us to the obvious conclusion that best way to make it as a publishing superstar is to talk about your boss’ free iPod and Arizona spa massages on your anonymous blog and then get suddenly and glaringly outed, thus leading to getting summarily rejected by not one but two esteemed women’s magazines. Good things are sure to follow! In the meantime, she still knows how to rock a sweet mascara reference (47 comments? Seriously? Oh my God, they’re all about mascara. My eyelashes feel very underdressed right now). More to the point, listen up everyone, drinks are on Jolie! Woo hoo!

Update: The inevitable backlash and bitchery here as beauty types debate Jolie’s place in the industry and mascara tips from Ohio and Kansas.