John Griffiths Talks Recovery In Pop Culture with Ted Casablanca


John Griffiths, television critic for Us Weekly, is also the host of The Hollywood Pitch on CRNTalk. He has a great show set for tonight from 7-9 p.m. (PST). From the release:

Principles before Superstardom?

Screenwriter Bennett Yellin (Dumb and Dumber) discuss the media’s reporting of the rising spate of celebrities with high-profile drug and alcohol problems, from Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan. Is it informed or just salacious? Also, a rising number of personalities are “coming out” as sober (think talk show hosts Greg Behrendt, Glenn Beck and Craig Ferguson. Is the information age changing the way the recovery community looks at anonymity? Guest: E! Entertainment personality Ted Casablanca.

Yes, that’s right–the king of the blind item, Ted Casablanca. FBLA will be tuning in, and probably drunk dialing, er, calling in, as well. 866-587-5872