John Byrne Watch Continues: C-Change

john_byrne_185x250.jpgLast week we all stayed extra late before our little Thanksgiving break to write about the sudden (but not totally unexpected) departure of John Byrne from BusinessWeek. Even though the company had produced a memo saying that the editor wouldn’t be leaving after Bloomberg LP took over for publisher McGraw-Hill, Keith Kelly and some others had their doubts. And they were right!

On Tuesday, Byrne announced he was leaving his company for an entirely new media venture, and today we (sort of) know what it is. Well, we have a name for it. And a blog.

Byrne has set up a Blogspot account (how 2006!) called C-Change Media where he explains why he is starting his new site, which will hopefully not be hosted on WordPress or Tumblr:

I passionately believe that the future of media is digital and that newcomers have tremendous advantages over incumbents. Most of traditional media remains in a complete meltdown, dragged down by high costs, old ways of thinking, and legacy work processes. As tough as the past three years have been for traditional media, the next three are going to be nothing less than brutal: more closures, greater losses, increasing layoffs of highly talented journalists and editors.

Byrne is keeping mum on what, exactly, C-Change will be. A publication? An aggregator service? A David Bowie song? We’re putting our money on something out of Silicon Valley: after all, he’s free to move there and be with his family now that he’s not working for BusinessWeek on the East Coast anymore.

Another interesting point to note from Byrne’s new blog: although he claimed he wasn’t planning to leave BusinessWeek until last week, Byrne made his first post on this blog a few days after Bloomberg announced its acquisition of the magazine. Coincidence?

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