Joel Stein Hits Zeitgeist Nerve/FBLA Wants to Knock the L Out of Joel


FBLA tried not to join the Jump on Joel Stein mania, But we did have some questions, so we emailed those LA Times commenters with valid addresses, asked and got answers. It seems so simple, doesn’t it?

FBLA asked: Why does Stein engender such strong responses?

Ryan Jay Fishman

He inspires a response because he makes you think.

Jon Kavulic

He’s inspired such a response because people are used to having the media feed into our inner narcissism by telling us that we’re more important than we are. We’re not that important, but then again, neither is Joel Stein for that matter.

Jay Wachtel

Why do we hate him? Because he’s YOU. And he’s ME. He’s that striving,self-centered, arrogant schmuck at Starbucks, banging away on his laptop,
certain that with THIS script, THIS novel, his day will come!

FBLA asked: Would he do better if he changed his name to Joe? Just plain Joe Stein–sounds more manly.

Don Schroeder

Changing his name to Joe or Jimmy or Humpty-Dumpty wouldn’t improve his world view or deflate his ego. He should just go away.


He’d do better if he’d change his name to Ben Stein.

And being a media insider, we got email from the aforementioned Stein.

FBLA asked: So, have you been getting much feed back from the LAT piece?

Joel Stein

So much. Didn’t really count on that. I think I hit a zeitgeist nerve.

FBLA thinks liar. Stein would have better luck with the zeitgeist if he’d lay off the E! specials. And grow a beard, change his name to Joe, and move to Alaska for a year, and then go someplace else.