Joe Francis Speaks Out Behind Bars

joe francis.jpeg
Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is still being held in a Nevada jail on various charges but that hasn’t stopped him from reaching out to friends and colleagues outside the cell to let them know about his legal sitch.

In an email letter received by FBLA on Thursday, Francis says that he has kept his comments to himself during his entire six month jail stay because “I believed in the American judicial process.”

Obviously, that has changed.

“I am sad to say that in recent months, this belief has begun to erode. The system that I believed would protect and exonerate me has instead been used in far more troubling ways.”

Those ways are detailed on a new website, and he is requesting that friends forward the link on to better inform themselves of his current standing with the law.


“I never expected my life to be a cautionary tale, but if revealing the truth behind my circumstances can help one other person avoid being grievously mishandled by the justice system, then it is worth telling.”