How To Advertise Your Job Posting On Twitter

As an employer, you want to attract the best talent. You’ll no doubt post your latest job opening on all the usual outlets, like the local classifieds, online job boards, and maybe even LinkedIn. The more exposure your ad has, the more likely you are to connect with someone who’s a great fit for your organization. So why not include Twitter in your next job posting spree?

There are a number of ways that employers are already using Twitter in the hunt for talent. Many use it to screen potential employees, while others use it to fire current ones.

But Twitter can also be a great tool for simply getting more exposure for your current job postings – after all, just a handful of retweets can net you hundreds of thousands of views.

So how do you do it?

First, you must pay close attention to timing and frequency of your tweets. Timing is always important on Twitter, but it’s doubly so when it comes to job postings.

You want to maximize your job’s exposure without appearing spammy or annoying followers. Just tweeting a link to your job posting once won’t cut it, but tweeting several times an hour is far too much.

I recommend tweeting right when the job post goes live, and then again maybe four or five hours later that same day. Continue to tweet the job post once or twice a day until you’ve filled the position or you no longer want to advertise it.

If you’re planning on tweeting several job opportunities, you might want to use a hashtag to keep them organized. Something like #JoinOurCompany or #JobsAtOurCompany, with your company name subbed in for “Our Company” would work! Just add it to the end of each job posting you tweet. This ensures that anyone on the job hunt will see all of your posts if they click on the hashtag.

And speaking of hashtags, why not do a quick search for some industry-related hashtags, and include them as well? You don’t want to stuff your job post tweet with six or seven hashtags all at once, but including one or two can help get your job post in front of the right people in the right industry.

Since job hunters tend to use Twitter’s search function to locate new job postings, you’ll also want to pay attention to the keywords you use to describe your job. These should be industry related, just like your hashtags, and should be words that you think a potential candidate would use when looking for your job. Describing your job as “A new and exciting opportunity” won’t be as effective as something like “PR job: Account Supervisor, corporate position”, for instance.

You can also take an active role in getting the word out about your open position. Why not participate in a few industry-specific Twitter chats? These hour-long networking sessions can be a great boon to employers. You can observe participants to see if anyone stands out, tweet your job directly to job seekers, and talk a bit about your company culture. Just be sure to follow the unspoken rules of chats – don’t just jump in, tweet your job opening and leave! Stick around and offer value to participants, and you’ll be more likely to leave a good impression.

Lastly, if you’re going to be using Twitter heavily as a recruitment tool, you might want to create a jobs-specific Twitter account. Companies like UPS do this, and it helps keep their messaging targeted. Anyone interested in a job at UPS can simply visit their @UPSJobs profile page and see the latest openings. It’s like a job board dedicated to your company! Managing an account like this can take a lot of work, so it’s only something to consider if you’ll be hiring frequently.

Do you have any other tips for using Twitter to get exposure for job postings? Please share them in the comments below!

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