JiWire: Rising in Ad Requests Marketshare for Q2 2011? The iPad & Windows Phone

The JiWire Q2 2011 Mobile Audience Insights Report is based on a combination of data from 450,000 public WiFi locations and a survey of more than 2,800 randomly selected U.S. customers. If you read through it, you might be surprised at some of the findings.

– Mobile consumers own an average of 2.4 mobile devices. The top three mobile devices are notebooks (90%), smartphones (58%) and tablets (32%). Note that netbooks were in a separate category from notebooks and were owned by 12% of those surveyed.

– JiWire’s mobile consumers were different from the general population of consumers in terms of smartphone ownership: 58% vs. 35%, respectively.

– 53% of consumers said they are willing to share their location in return for more relevant content. Younger consumers (34 or younger) are more willing to share location information than those older than 34.

– Consumers prefer sales and promotional offers three times more than coupon offers.

– Mobile apps ranked third in preference as a vehicle for promotions/deals delivery (19%). People prefer email (38%) and website (22%) for this information. Newspapers were prefered by 6% while social media was prefered by a mere 3%.

– The only devices to see a significant rise in percent of ad requests in Q2 2011 were the iPad (+2.9%) and, surprisingly, Windows Phone 7 (+3.7%). These two devices were ranked #2 and #4, respectively, in the list. The iPhone and iPod touch were at #1 and #3. Both saw a reduced marketshare for ad requests (-2.5% and -3.8%, respectively).