Jimmy Kimmel Can Do Anything a 75 Year Old Can Do

Just can’t get enough Jimmy Kimmel? ABC seems to think there’s a market share that wants more of him. FBLA leaves it to your imaginations as to what that audience is like.

Anyway, ABC has signed the tubby talker to host a primetime game show Set for Life, produced by Endemol USA. Kimmel will continue his late night gig with ABC while taping the game show episodes during the daytime hours. How will he do this? Adderall? Extra-shot lattes?

Kimmel said:

I tried to tell ABC that it is too difficult to do a talkshow every night and an hour-long primetime show, too. Unfortunately, there’s a 75-year-old man named Regis who seems to have no problem with it.

Way to go, Jimmy! Set the bar high for yourself, buddy.

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